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Get Your Furnace Ready For Winter With An Annual Cleaning Service

Connecticut always have long stretches of frigid cold temperatures, and because of this, your home’s furnace needs to be up to the challenge of keeping your home warm and comfortable. The last thing any of us want to deal with is a furnace failure.  Luckily, this is easily preventable by having your gas or oil furnace inspected and cleaned.

Not only will your clean furnace run more efficiently, which saves you money, but getting a furnace cleaning service prior to winter may help you discover any issues that would cause your furnace to fail.

Don’t wait until cold weather arrives to discover your home’s natural gas or oil furnace won’t run because of a lack of maintenance.  We provide heating services in Weston, CT. Contact us today to get a cleaning service for all types of furnaces including natural gas, oil, electric, and propane. 

Furnace Cleaning Services Include:

  • Furnace duct cleaning
  • Furncae soot cleaning
  • Furnace burner cleaning & inspection
  • Heat exchanger cleaning
  • Furnace maintenance & tune up

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Oil & Natural Gas Furnace Cleaning Services Weston, CT

The last thing anyone wants to deal with is their furnace going out on a cold winter’s night. If this were to happen, the last thing you would want is to wait to have it fixed. Heating repairs are urgent and needed right away.

If your furnace isn’t turning on or is blowing cold air, you need your heating system fixed. While this is the most common sign that you need to repair your heating system, there are a wide range of other problems that cause your heat not to work.

Furnace Cleaning Commonly Asked Questions:

Does A Furnace Need To Be Cleaned?
No matter what type of furnace you have in your home, it is always highly recommended to get it cleaned on an annual basis for the best performance and efficiency.  Many homeowners neglect their furnace and are too late to get it cleaned or perform routine maintenance.

This ultimately leads to failure and causes you to need to replace your furnace.  Even if it increases furnace life 5 more years, simple annual furnace cleaning is a lot cheaper than having a new unit installed in the dead of winter when you need it most.

Is Cleaning Your Furnace Worth It?
While many homeowners don’t think about it, we belive that a clean furnace is a happy furnace. Based on this, a furnace cleaning is 100% worth it! Not only does a furnace cleaning improve the efficiency of your unit, but helps incraese its lifespan.  In our opinion, this is definitely a win win!

Not only do you not have to deal with the costly headache of needing a new furnace, but annual cleaning will help you save money because it will be far more effective.

What Happens If You Don't Clean Your Furnace?
Not getting your furnace cleaned can cause a number of issues, no matter what type of type.  Some of the signs that your furnace needs to be cleaned include:

  • Heat does not feel as warm coming out of the vents
  • Increase in heating costs – This is due to the furnace running very inefficiently and needing more fuel to keep your home warm
  • Increased indoor dust – A dirty furnace will blow soot and other debris through out your vents. This may be a simple fix such as cleaning or replacing your air filter, or there may be a more in-depth issue at hand.
  • Thermostat won’t turn on – If you go to run your furnace and the thermostat won’t turn on or you can’t hear the furnace start running, this is a sign that there is a significant issue. Whether the furnace is backed up to the point of not running, or there’s a larger issue at hand, it’s best to call an furnace repair service professional for assistance.
  • Odd smells coming from vents – When your furnace is in dire need of cleaning, it will emit various odors such as: rubber, smoke, oil. Not only is this an obvious sign that something is wrong with your furnace, but not taking action may lead to health hazards and air quality issues in your home.
How Often Should Furnaces Be Cleaned?
It’s typically recommended to have your furnace cleaned on an annual basis. Some might think this is overkill, but when the below freezing temps come to Weston, you will be happy when your home is nice and warm.
What Is Included In A Furnace Cleaning?
A furnace tune up or cleaning involves checking and cleaning all of the system’s key components. Specific tasks involved in furnace cleaning & inspection include:

  • Inspecting the vent system and air intake grilles, removing any blockages
  • Checking the heat exchanger for signs of damage or corrosion
  • Examining and cleaning the blower
  • Checking and testing the blower motor
  • Inspecting the electrical connections
  • Checking the burner and flame sensor
  • Examining belts for any signs of damage or cracks (if necessary)
  • Thermostat Inspection
  • Lubricating all moving parts
  • Air filter cleaning and replacement
  • Checking and testing the system’s safety controls and startup cycle
How Much Does It Cost To Clean A Gas Furnace?
Depending on the type of furnace and the time needed to clean it, a typical furnace cleaning service might cost anywhere from $100 (many HVAC companies offer specials) up to $300 for a more labor intensive cleaning.  Ultimately, an annual furnace cleaning is a great way to prlog the life of your furnace and prevent failure during the winter.

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Keep your home's furnace running all winter long with the help of a furnace cleaning service. Not only will a furnace service improve your unit's lifespan, but will help lower energy costs by allowing it to run more efficiently.
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